Hand-made Root Wood Furniture - New range now in stock!

As a result of previous deforestation projects in the Far East decades ago, there are still large numbers of giant tree roots left that are of no interest to the organized wood industry. These remaining roots have become stable over time and are now a perfect construction material for solid wood furniture.

Over recent years, skilful villagers in rural areas began to use this wood to produce the finest quality rustic furniture. The production of this furniture is still an unorganized, small scale, home industry, widely spread over a number of small villages in the jungle areas, with the aid of simple hand-tools only. We can only admire the artistic skills of these workers.

By its nature, the random shape of the pieces of raw material used largely dictates the shape of the final product. Therefore each piece of furniture will always be exclusive and no two pieces of furniture will be exactly the same. Our new range has just arrived and is now available to view, so if you see a piece you like, give us a call now, otherwise you might be disappointed! Custom made designs are available, although these must be paid for in advance and will take at least 2/3 months to deliver.

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Our full range of root wood furniture can be viewed at:

The Load of Hay Public House

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Uxbridge UB8 2PU

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